IETF Statistics

New Authors in Year 1981

“Document Stats -- What is Going on in the IETF?”

New authors

  • A. Agarwal (RFC 803)
  • Alan Katz (RFC 797)
  • A. Lyman Chapin (RFC 787)
  • Andrew Malis (RFC 802)
  • Anita P. Skelton (RFC 782)
  • David Mills (RFC 778)
  • E. Killian (RFC 779)
  • Eric Rosen (RFC 789)
  • Jose Nabielsky (RFC 782)
  • K. R. Sollins (RFC 783)
  • M. J. OConnor (RFC 803)
  • Suzanne Sluizer (RFC 780)
  • Zaw-Sing Su (RFC 781)
  • Data Freshness and Source

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