IETF Statistics

New Authors in Year 1975

“Document Stats -- What is Going on in the IETF?”

New authors

  • Brian Harvey (RFC 686)
  • D.A. Henderson (RFC 680)
  • David Grothe (RFC 705)
  • D.W. Dodds (RFC 679)
  • Gerald Bailey (RFC 705)
  • Jim Lieb (RFC 697)
  • Keith McCloghrie (RFC 705)
  • Michael Beeler (RFC 685)
  • Paul J. Santos (RFC 704)
  • Paul R. Johnson (RFC 677)
  • Roland Bryan (RFC 705)
  • Steve Holmgren (RFC 681)
  • T.H. Myer (RFC 680)
  • T. Mock (RFC 698)
  • Data Freshness and Source

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    All data in this report is retrieved from public sources, such as publications published at the IETF. The tool and the report are independent of the IETF, however.

    Data Accuracy and Privacy

    The data or the report may contain inaccuracies.

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