Climbing Pictures from Yosemite, California

In October 1999, I had the fortune of a free three day weekend in California, and a need to travel from L.A. to S.F. As any sane person would do in the same situation, I decided to drive the way, tour both the Sequoia and Yosemite national parks, do some hiking, and get a full day of climbing. (Had it been winter, I'd have included skiing on Lake Tahoe.) The pictures on this page are from my day of climbing in Yosemite right next to the El Capitan wall. I was with Grant, The Guide and our wall was a measly 750 footer (225 m).

In this picture I'm resting somewhere in the middle of the wall on a ledge. Yosemite Valley is below.

Photo: Grant. Climber: J. Arkko

In this picture Grant climbs a vertical section of the wall.

Photo: J. Arkko. Climber: Grant

Grant was leading myself and another client on the wall. The tree below are big, in case you're wondering.

Photo: J. Arkko. Climber: Unknown

The crux of the wall was at the end. A steep, partially vertical section of the rock without much of holds. The route was rated a 5.7, but at the end it was more like a 5.8.

Photo: J. Arkko. Climber: Grant

Photo: J. Arkko. Climber: Grant

Finally, we made it to the top!

Photo: Unknown. Climbers: J. Arkko and Grant

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