Ice Climbing Pictures

Oulu, Finland, is a city on a very flat area with very little natural climbing possibilities around. However, that doesn't stop local climbers from trying. They have set up an old construction crane and pumped freezing water on it. The result: a 20 meter ice climbing tower in the middle of the city. They didn't manage to find lights for this site, however, so we had to climb it in the dark evening just with our head lights.

Photo: J. Arkko. Climber: I. Uusitalo

Photo: I. Uusitalo. Climber: J. Arkko

The construction of the ice tower was really interesting. Inside the tower there is a tunnel you can walk up to fix ropes or move the pumps.

Photo: J. Arkko

Here's the entrace to the tower:

Photo: J. Arkko

Here we climb an ice wall near Haukkalampi in Nuuksio, Kirkkonummi, Finland.

Photo: J. Arkko. Climber: J. Ruuth

Photo: J. Ruuth. Climber: J. Arkko

Photo: J. Arkko. Climber: J. Ruuth

Nuuksio has a number of ice climbing places. Here we climb a corner behind on the Pitkajarvi lake in Nuuksio.

Photo: M. Helander. Climber: J. Arkko

Kirkkonummi is another local ice climbing place. Note the thin ice under the crampons.

Photo: Unknown. Climber: J. Arkko

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